Start when Windows starts in Windows System tray?

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Start when Windows starts in Windows System tray?

Postby MKANET » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:41 pm

Hi, I am not sure if this should go in feature requests or not; as, I couldnt find this feature. Maybe it's a command-line feature? I even tried the latest beta version.

How do I load DVB Dream directly to the Windows system tray? I am sure there's an easy way. Currently every time I start windows I have to manually start it and manually minimize it.

Edit: The only way I know to do this (but it doesnt work correctly) is putting the DVB Dream shortcut icon in the Windows start menu Startup group and change the icon properties to start minimized. This will start the program in the system tray; however, when I open the program it window size is messed up.


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