"SECOSD" My newly developed OSD Plugin

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"SECOSD" My newly developed OSD Plugin

Postby bigboyseco » Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:04 am

I researched and couldn't find a really good OSD. I am a Software Developer and I coding on Delphi. I didn't completed my plugin but i am using now.

The current features:

- Bitmap background (customizable)
- The OSD surface is not too big, but good designed. (every pixel is important to watch tv)
- Can be manuelly shown and hide
- Date and Time Info.
- Video Resolution Info
- Channell type Info (Data,TV,Radio..)
- Channel number, name and Provider
- Current and Following EPG Info with total time and remaining time
- A visual progressbar for Current EPG to understand remaining time
- Two visual small progressbar to show the signal quality and level
- Volume progressbar shown when the volume changes and hides itself automatically.Its surface is seperate from OSD.

Some constant names in OSD is in my language TURKISH. :D I didn't prepare a customize screen for any setting. But i will complete some other features.

The features above are things that i can do beside my job. Until the first version i will complete:
- Channel Sattelite name
- Visual text shows manuel ch no key press from Keyb or Remote
- Basic Customization screen for all settings like, OSD Delay, Colors, Fonts, Const Names, vs..

For the future versions I will create a visual channell navigator and maybe skin settings

I will send screenshots. Anybody wants to test, please contact me by mail, mailto:bigboyseco@hotmail.com


Skystar3/rev3/Technisat/Windows7 driver

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