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HD Channel Recording

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:06 am
by AlessioZ

how to record HD Channel in .mpeg or other (but no .ts) ?


Re: HD Channel Recording

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:14 am
by poppo
Hi HD channels are mostly encoded in h264 and as such are not mpeg2
You can use some software to remux ts to mkv (no quality loss)
Some other soft to recode it to mpeg2 (this way You will loose quality tho)

Some of usefull progs:

MKV Converter <- not sure if this one is free

Some usefull sites:

You can also try pvastrumento (it has full support for mpeg2 but can be used for HD to some extent)
Hope this gives You some hints