DVB Dream v3.1 (21 September 2016) available

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DVB Dream v3.1 (21 September 2016) available

Postby rel » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:40 am

v3.1 (21 September 2016) What's New
Added new genpix device interface for SkyWalker-3 (gp_sw3_1.0.4.dev) with blind scan support.
Added loop mode and both polarisations scan to blindscan (feature wanted by feed hunters)
You can now set BS scan-range on chart with help of left/right click
Added support for new devices TBS 6528 DVB CI, TBS 6590, TBS 6590, TBS 6209 8 tuner, TBS 5927 USB DVB-S2
It looks like StreamReader.DLL causes problems in TSWriter2 module. We include StreamRecorder module as an alternative if you want to record whole TS. Or you can delete streamreader.dll and use DD's standard BDA interface.
* Descriptions on how to use Blind Scan & its fine parameters by Genpix http://genpix-electronics.com/blindscan-in-dd.html

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