multiple Genpix devices & DVB Dream

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multiple Genpix devices & DVB Dream

Postby genpix » Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:25 pm

here is a new gp_Unified ver.1.1.3 interface which supports multiple Genpix devices under DVB Dream. It works with current genpix kernel driver (genpix.sys), you don't need to change it.

You may mix/match any devices (original adapter, adapter Rev.2, or SkyWalker-1), they all use the same driver.

When you go into Options -> Devices, select "Genpix Unified ver. 1.1.3".
If PC sees several genpix devices, Devices menu would enable "device #" box in the low-left corner.
Select the device you want. DVB Dream remembers what device # was used in last session, the same device would be used when you restart DVB Dream again. This configurations is stored in the local folder.

Thus, if you have DVB Dream installed in multiple folders, all of them could be programmed to use unique device number.

Genpix device number depends on how Windows assigns these numbers.
Its usually in the same order as USB hub index.
Thus, it's possible that when you hot-plug a new genpix device, it would be inserted somewhere in the middle of the list (shifting the rest of devices down). Keep this in mind when changing hardware configuration.

As to MyTheatre and TSReader, they both would use Device #1 for now, no matter what.
So, if you want to run MyTheatre or TSreader together with DVB Dream, make sure you select device #2 or higher in DVB Dream.

Please report any bugs you may find. :roll:

After I fix bugs (if I receive reports about bugs), I'll ask Rel to include this version of the driver into DVB Dream distribution package.

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