DVB does not stores the satellites's channels of 7, 9, 10est

oldest posts, i.e. the issues probably dont exists or not valid anymore for the up-to-date DD version. Please let us know if the problems still exist.

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DVB does not stores the satellites's channels of 7, 9, 10est

Postby navigator » Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:11 am

Hi :oops:

is this a bug? Please help me

I have a new problem with dvbd.
I have stored the satellites from 13E to 53W and the satellite 5E (motor disqc none).
I scanned and stored all channels and all was ok
After, I stored the satellites 7E, 9E and 10E.
DVBD scan satellites, finds the channels but does not stores them.
At the end the transponders were all red

In the satellites's tab there are not


someone has a solution. please HELP ME :cry:

DVB card hauppauge hvr 4000 (or jepssen trio hd pci, is the same) - Dish 100 - rotor SM3D12 Satellites from 57 E to 30 W - AMD core duo dual 6000+ 3ghz - ram 4gb pc2-4000 533 dual channel - nvidia geforce 8400 gs 512mb -Windows vista 32bit
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Postby rel » Mon May 17, 2010 11:54 pm

maybe you reached the limit for maximum number of channels which is 8000

try to remove duplicate channels (right click on channel list and then click on remove duplicate)
try removing data channels
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