[DS - LAV FILTERS]Audio codec error/ video error/lav filters

oldest posts, i.e. the issues probably dont exists or not valid anymore for the up-to-date DD version. Please let us know if the problems still exist.

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[DS - LAV FILTERS]Audio codec error/ video error/lav filters

Postby rsoares28 » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:31 am

i just recently started getting a audio codec error pop up when dvbdream starts. If i press ok the error msg goes away and i'm able to watch TV in wmc fine. I went into the dvbdream codecs section and tried to change some of the codecs to null but the chage wasn't saving.
Try holding CTRL key while DD is starting up. You should be able to change codecs without problem.
Any idea if DVBdream is affecting the lav filters?
There is no way DVB Dream can affect the LAV filters or any other external filter.

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