Blue screening pc on exit

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Blue screening pc on exit

Postby doctorgspot » Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:36 pm

Hi everyone,

Ive just installed the demo version 2.2b onto my windows 7 64bit machine. For some reasons and not everytime, when i exit my pc blue screens and resets. It to quick to read what it said, but i havent checked the pc crash log....yet. Im using a videomate s350 pci card. Anyone else had this issue...i dont fancy spending so much money on the software to find out it wont work with my system.


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Re: Blue screening pc on exit

Postby genpix » Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:08 pm

there are two pieces of software which are talking to your DVB-s card:
1) DVB application (which is running in user memory space)
2) driver for your DVB card (which is running in kernel memory space)

application running in user memory space hardly can cause a BSOD (unless you have a hardware problem, for instance, bad RAM module).
Thus, a driver for your DVB card is a most probable candidate for the BSOD you saw (it's a kernel mode driver after all, and it can cause all nasty things to OS).
are you sure you are using the latest driver? did you download it from manufacturer web-site?

you don't overclock your PC, do you? if you overclock a PCI bus, you may cause a BSOD as well (though, it should happen randomly, not at the exit from the application).

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