"PAT override" always enabled

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"PAT override" always enabled

Postby colemar » Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:23 am

DVD Dream 1.4i p1
Tuning on DVB-T channels in Italy.
See signature for other details.

I'm able to stream the current channel to the local network with no problems.
I'd like to stream the whole transponder stream, but unticking "PAT override" does not change anything: VLC does not show the "program" item in the context menu and reports only 1 video stream in "Stream and Media Info".

I can almost solve this problem by opening all the channels in PIP windows, but the PC slows down too much.

Also cannot enable "Full TS" mode in device options; perhaps this is not supported by the driver (the settings window does not appear), but DVB Dream sees the whole transponder stream nonetheless as demonstrated by the PIP trick.

Pinnacle PCTV 72e DTT USB
Ltn_stk7070P.sys LITEON AVSTREAM/BDA driver
Windows XP SP2
BDA Device Name: [PCTV DiBcom BDA Digital Tuner (Dev1 Path0) ]

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