incorrect 22kHz tone settings for Universal LNB.

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incorrect 22kHz tone settings for Universal LNB.

Postby genpix » Sat Aug 09, 2008 3:02 pm

When I change LNB type to Universal (two LOFs, switchable by 22kHz tone), menu for 22kHz tone becomes grayed.
This is expected (22kHz tine should be controlled by LOF-SW parameter only).

The problem is: when I change to Universal LNB, program inherits whatever settings was used for 22kHz tone before (that is, in previous type of LNB I used just before that).

In my case, it was in "Off" position. And when I switched to universal, 22kHz is still in "Off" (and because it's grayed, I can not force it to go into controlled by LOF-SW).
The only way to go to correct behavior is to switch to some other LNB type first, select 22kHz tone controlled by LOF-SW, and only after that switch back to Universal LNB.

PS: I checked my dump. When 22kHz = Off (even it is grayed), it is really Off (even if I use TP which requires LOF2 to be used).

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