1.4i + TT C-1501 - duplicate channels on all transpoders

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1.4i + TT C-1501 - duplicate channels on all transpoders

Postby Sandr » Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:28 am

my DVB-C provider have 20 transpoders with more than 150 channels
Freq 330000-67400kHz

i create INI with this transpoders
DVBDream find on all transpoders just only 7 channels:
but only 7!!

and i have in channel list 20 transpoders with copy of each channel
7*20 = 140 channels

all copy of channel show this channel like:
FoxKids on 330000 tp = Foxkids on 674000 tp

What i do wrong?!

TT Budget C-1501 (BDA) + NDSCam 0.0.7

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