CPU Priority and /min command-line switches ignored IF......

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CPU Priority and /min command-line switches ignored IF......

Postby MKANET » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:15 pm

I just tried DVBDream 1.5 beta 7. I'm guessing that version 1.4i has this same issue.

If DVBDream is set to auto-load when Windows starts.... the "Priority" and command line "/min" options are completely ignored... *IF* during Windows bootup, Windows hasn't finished loading the device drivers (and related system dependencies for the DVB Tuner.

This issue never happens if Windows is completely loaded and idle before starting DVBDream. For example, if you wait for Windows system to become idle during Windows boot (do NOT login until windows is completely idle), then login to your user profile, DVBDream can startup with these switches.

Rel, I was hoping you would consider adding logic to DVB Dream code for the next public beta so.... DVBDream will wait for the DVB Tuner to become completely available before trying to execute the CPU "priority" and auto-minimize settings. Otherwise, if the devices are not ready (system is still booting), one or both of these switches will be ignored (depending on when the device is available).

As you know, with Windows OS, there is no control of when or what order to load applications into memory during Windows boot. These apps sometimes will load BEFORE the system has even finished loading all device drivers and related components.

This is most problematic for users who do not manually login (which gives time for system to become idle before logging in).

I explained this problem on your IRC channel, but you weren't there at the time. Since I dont understand German, I cant post on the german forum.... so, I hope you get this message!

I am pretty sure you can easily reproduce this issue. It might be easier to reproduce with Windows Vista, or if you dont have a lot of ram or have SEVERAL devices on the DVB Dream Windows PC.


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