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3.1.1 - Crash on low signal

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:39 am
by Dreamer
I can always reproduce this, if the signal is low, DD always crash in 1 or 2 minutes.

It's not a big problem if the signal is really low, because it's unwatchable, but sometimes the signal is low just for a minute, if someone or something is blocking it. It's a problem if recording is running with renderless mode and minimized, then DD may crash just because of 1 min. with low signal, even if 99% of time the signal is good.

To reproduce with DVB-T tuner just remove the cable and use just another short cable, try to move it to get a bad signal, picture must be bad, stuttering, then just wait a minute or two.

Video Codec.....: Elecard 3.x (v7.5.0.65 - 02.04.2008)
Audio Codec.....: Microsoft (v6.2.14393.0 - 16.07.2016)
H264 Codec......: Microsoft (v6.2.14393.187 - 07.09.2016)
HEVC Codec......: LAV Video Decoder (v0.68.1.0 - 05.05.2016)
AC3 Codec......: Microsoft (v6.2.14393.0 - 16.07.2016)
AAC Codec......: Microsoft (v6.2.14393.0 - 16.07.2016)
Video Renderer..: Enhanced Video Renderer
Audio Renderer..: Default DirectSound Device

DD 3.1.1, 2.8.1, Windows 10 64-bit. DVB-T tuner AVerTV Ultra PCI-E RDS.