option to disable channel search box (or fix)

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option to disable channel search box (or fix)

Postby LeechBot » Sun Mar 09, 2008 9:01 pm

With 1.4i, I find that frequently, and for no apparent reason, when I shift the focus to DD the cursor is inside the channel search box. I don't use the channel search, and only ever switch to the app to change the channel or adjust the volume via the number pad. But since the focus ends up in the search box for no reason, when I hit the number pad keys to control channel or volume, it doesn't work because it types those characters into the channel search box, which I never use. Then I have to backspace all the typed characters to get the complete, unfiltered channel list back, then hit the tab key to get the focus out of the channel search box, and then change the channel or volume. This is really annoying. If I had the option to turn off the channel search feature entirely, I'd be thankful. Or perhaps fix whatever makes the focus jump to the channel search box when switching to the app, even though the focus wasn't previously in that box.

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