http streaming as used by avbroadcaster mytheather

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http streaming as used by avbroadcaster mytheather

Postby johnnyp » Sat Jun 21, 2008 8:16 am

I'm trying to broadcast a stream from dvbdream to ps3.

One problem is that the only way to do it (that I'm aware) is with tversity.

The other problem is that I have to use vlc to input udp://:1234 from dvbdream and output to something else that I don't know (I tried all the --sout combinations that I saw on the web and none of them worked.
Not even a regular mpeg file in my hard disk can be streamed with vlc and tversity. They seem to be simply incompatible (at least the newer versions).

Also, vlc cannot play HD files recorded with dvbdream.

I tried mytheatre with avbroadcaster plugin to stream to http and used tversity and guess what??!
PS3 plays the live stream!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to use avbroadcaster plugin in dvbdream and mytheatre doesn't play h.264 material like dvbdream

So I'm stuck.

I'm suggesting that someone with brains could develop a similar plugin to dvb dream

All the best


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