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Two channel lists issues

Postby Dreamer » Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:20 pm

I have 2 sat. cards in PC, Skystar 2 (and Stab HH120) and Skystar HD2 (diseqc switch: 28E+23E+19E). Both work good (*except known issues) with 2 DD installations (folders).

The problem is that I have to scan and organize 2 channel lists, or copy one channel list to the other folder and then re-configure the satellites. With SS2 I have many satellites, switch - none, with SS HD2 I have diseqc switch with one sat at ports 1, 2, 3. I need to re-configure these changes every time.

Solution would be to save diseqc settings to settings file instead of channel list file. This way I could use option to use one channel list.

If you know another solution, please let us know.

...Perhaps a feature/module to copy the channels to another (defined) channel list file, but keep diseqc settings in that file.


Another problem is that I don't need the channels from other satellites in DD for SS HD2, because I can tune only the channels from 3 satellites, but I don't want (can't) to delete those channels, so what about option to filter satellites, similar to filter channels (TV/Radio/FTA/Data), This options should be saved to settings file, not to channel list file.


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