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Codecs Installation Help

Postby vanhar » Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:43 pm

Hi all,

new here although I am using DD for quite a long time now with no problems.
But now I would like some help, if you please.
I had to format my PC so I said to install the new DD version 2.4b. With that I wanted to install my elecard codecs which I use for a year now in the previous version but I was unable to make them work, Could you please tell me what I should change to the "codecs.ini" file so that I can use these elecard codes?
The ones I have are the Elecard Codec SDK G4 which are already installed in my pc...

What other codecs are available for 4.2.2. format chanels...


ps. I am sorry if I am not in the correct topic, please change as appropriate.

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