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Scheduled recordings interacting with PIP / Device Numbers

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:18 pm
by Viewfinder
I'm guessing this is a feature than a bug as I'm not sure if the current behaviour is by design or by limitation of directshow. It might not be an intended feature of DD but I think a good one to have!

If I am in the middle of recording a PIP channel and a scheduled recording is started or ended in the Main Window, the PIP window and recording is aborted and closed. It would be good if Main Window scheduled recordings did not affect PIPs.

I know I can run several instances of DD to record using another tuner device, but where several devices are already in use or if there's an overlap, I sometimes make use of PIP to record a channel that is sharing the same frequency / multiplex.

To enhance this a step further, it would be amazing if you can assign scheduled recordings to main window or PIP window!

Another request is if there is a way of having the Device Number appear in the title bar of the Window so can see at a glance which device number the DD instance is using. Can potentially mean some scripts can read the device number string in the window title and open DD with next available device number, in effect one shortcut... Just a thought. ;-)