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Multiple Audio Track Playback

Postby Jacques » Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:03 am


Is it possible to add the possibility of playing multiple audio track at the same time?

I wish I was able to play the AAAA, AAC & AAE tracks (from the networks feed) at the same time, on proper audio output so I can feed the surround sound to my amplifier. For now we are limited to select only one at the time and play it in stereo (except if the track contain DD5.1, witch is very rare).

Instead of been able to select only one tracks at the time, we should have the option to select each one of the tracks we wish to play, and assign each channel of one tracks to the desire audio output.

By example, the AAA track normally contain the front Left & Right audio track, so it can be output on those channels. The AAC is the center and LFE channel, so they can be route to the center and subwoofer output, while the AAE is the surround Left & Right that be route to the surround output.

In fact we can not assume it's always like that, so the way to go should be that we have a form that list all the available audio tracks from selected input, with a check box that let us select wish one we need to play, and an associated pull down menu for each channel of the track in wish we can select one of the available output from the computer.

So if the computer only have two outputs channels (Stereo only) we can assign more than one track channel to the same output and simply mix the audio on the spot.

This can be a neat option and the only way for now to get full surround sound from the network feeds that use that method to carried the 6 audios channels.

it should also work while playing TS recorded files that include all the tracks.


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