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Control room

Postby grillus_everis » Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:02 pm

Hello, this is my first time in this forum, I work in a satellite control room, and I need to design a system for monitoring and checking around 100 channels with a loop. I´m thinking to build a workstation with 2 PCI cards TBS6908 that can open 4 channels at the same time, 8 together, and using a software to control the channel loop.
Is DVBDREAM able to show 8 channels together?
Does it show alarms when there is no signal, no video, no audio, etc?
Could I program the loop? Example, first 8 channels, 10 seconds monitoring, following 8 channels, 10 sec monitoring, etc. Just like that I could check it in aprox 2 min.


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Re: Control room

Postby rel » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:53 am

Yes I think you can use "Auto-zap" feature of DVB Dream. Just create a favorite list for each tuner (for each group of channel) on each DVB Dream installation. (you need to install DVB Dream copies to different folders , one for each tuner cards and configure)

Autozap will let you decide intervals (how many seconds to wait before changing channel)

There are no alarms for no signal, no video or no audio, but it is possible to write a DVB Dream module for that if you know some delphi or c++. It will be pretty easy with ModuleAPI SDK. I can help.

You can also utilize DVB Dream's PIP feature to watch more than one channels from the same frequency (with only one tuner) If you have enough screen space, you can have continuous view of all channels, just make sure you have a tuner for each frequency.

If you need more professional help, I can provide professional service (I would need some payment /commercial agreement though, to adapt / write something special) But if you need cheap option, then use the information above I provided.
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