DVB Dream's own Blind Scan - Possible?

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DVB Dream's own Blind Scan - Possible?

Postby Jahabar Sadiq M » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:42 am


The latest version of DVB Dream (3.1) is having blind scan for TBS devices by selecting Stream Reader as the device. It is working great for normal setup.

The stream reader, even outside of DVB Dream, is having problems when the satellite setup involves both Diseqc 1.1 and Diseqc 1.0 together in between tuner and LNB. Either 1.0 port or 1.1 port are getting reset to port 1 automatically in the middle of blind scan. This will happen when LOF (in Ku) is changing on the same LNB. Say, I connected 1 LNB to port 1 and another to port 2 of 4x1 diseqc 1.0/2.0 switch which in turn is connected to one of the port 8x1 1.1 switch. When I start blind scan on port 2 of Diseqc 1.0 and when LOF changes to more than 11700, the port is automatically changing to port 1 and so, it starts reading from some other LNB. After this is happening, if I start the blind scan again, it is not reading from port 2 even for the lower LOF. I have to restart the device to make it happen again.

This is not a problem with DVB Dream but with Stream Reader dll of crazy cat. I already reported this but still there is no proper solution though he is trying to solve this.

But in DVB Dream, by selecting BDA as device, the switching between ports, LOFs are working fine during scanning and switching to channel.

So, I suggest to have a native blind scanner tool using DVB Dream's BDA extension itself. That would be awesome.


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