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Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:56 am
by un malato di cuore
hi, i found not easy to schedule the channels i want to record.
in first i would like to have this change in the next version of the program:
right now is: start time, example 10.30 (hours and minute) then total time, example 1 hour.
i suggest to make:
start time, finish time, also total time (like in p***dvb).
this can be more easy to schedule fast.
second change:
everytime for each record i must choose to point
at: do nothing, close the program, turn off pc, ecc.
it is possible to have in the menu:
do always this action, example do nothing ???
so, everytime i plan a record i don't have to look
where is pointing the black spot.
thank very much.