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Module API with Delphi XE

Postby o15s19 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:29 am

While i am Trying to Make a new module with Delphi XE, I Faced a little problem which is the "ModuleAPI" unite doesnt support unicode and when i tried to load DD whith my new module I noticed:
1) The name of The Module "szModuleName" only showing th First letter
2)Crash when trying to view all modules.

i fixed the problem by modifying these lines in "ModuleAPI" unite
szModuleName: packed array[0..31] of Ansichar;
szModuleAuthor: packed array[0..31] of Ansichar;
szModuleEmail: packed array[0..31] of Ansichar;

i still have one problem with my new module related in creating new thread so i will try to solve it and i will inform you as well

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