New keyboard shortcut and Escape key

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New keyboard shortcut and Escape key

Postby Icepick » Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:16 pm


I'm using v.1.4i and I've noticed that the "Escape" keystroke (<Esc>), when used in the default window, generates an error if you start the program and the default channel list tab is "Remote"... with other tabs there is no problem.
2.1 Date : Tue, 12 Feb 2008 20:54:47 +0100
2.2 Address: 004C286E
2.3 Module : dvbdream.exe
2.4 Type : EInvalidOperation
2.5 Message: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.

This is not a big issue, so I didn't feel like doing a bug report, this is surely related to the fact "Escape" key is now allowed in those other tabs.

So what made me put this message in this category is that I would like to request a new shortcut to do the same as Media Player Classic does with the "Boss" key, if you hit "b" in any mode of the application it turn off audio (mute) and minimize the window (in taskbar or an icon in the taskbar... it depends of your settings). What does people think about such feature ?

There is also another shortcut that might be useful, I didn't find a reliable way to bring up the context menu you get when you right-click in the TV image :


If there was a way to get this menu with a keystroke it would allow us to use it with a remote control.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the developers/testers/etc. working on DD, it's really the best DVB program I have ever used, keep up the great work !

P.S. : Another suggestion I forgot, the title of Windows make it hard to use my PCTV remote (connected directly to the TV Card.. not through COM port, so I have to use Pinnacle's remoterm.exe). I need to identify the windows title and attribute keyboard shortcuts to remote keys, but each new version the title change, even worse it changes also depending the mode (default, window, fullscreen)). A good thing would be to have a constant part of the title like "DVB Dream -" and add whatever you want after... remoterm.exe is able to handle this "template" without any problem, not any other variable template is not supported at the moment. Thanks again !

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