TBS Satellite Tuners for Windows Computers/DVB Dream

Digital Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial Television Viewer-Player Program for Windows

Supported brands/models:
- Genpix
- Twinhan
- Pinnacle
- Broadlogic
- DVB World
- Tongshi
- Prof
- Tevii
- Technisat
- Technotrend
- NetUP
- Avermedia
- Anysee
- Compro
- Conexant
- FireDTV
- Hauppauge
- Omicom
- Nova
- Videomate
- QBox
- TT Budget
- Mystique SaTiX
- Azurewave
- Terratec
- Cinergy
- B2C2/Skystar
- CdvbAny
- All BDA devices
- and many others...
Test your device with our trial version to make sure, or search forum. We recommend "Genpix" for USA/Canada users and "TBS" cards for Europe & the other parts of the world if you will buy a new one!

DVB Dream has been regulary tested on these devices:
All BDA Compatible Devices (Genpix, TBS (Turbosight), FireDTV, Terratec Cinergy, KNC1, Compro VideoMate S350, Twinhan, Anysee, AMX, AverMedia, DVB World, Hauppauge, NetUP, Geniatech, Omicom, TechnoTrend, SkyStar HD, SkyStar HD2, Tevii and others...) DVBWorld/ SatStar2/ Nextorm/Acorp TV878DS USB/PCI) B2C2 (Airstar, Skystar2, Cablestar) SmartVision/Coship CdvbAny2030s Pinnacle PCTV Sat/Lite/400i Genpix Turbo-8PSK to USB device Twinhan (On WDM drivers, all BT 878 PCI cards should work *) Broadlogic - BL2030 Tongshi DVB-S cards/boxes Technotrend TT-budget 3200 Tevii S630, S660 and others

Devices tested by users
List of older tested devices
BDA tuner filter names

  • Please download the trial version of DVB Dream and test it before deciding to buy. We want you to make sure it will be worth the money you will pay! This is certainly not the cheapest program in the market and many people wonder if purchasing it will be worth the money...

  • When you pay for DVB Dream, you only buy the program. Support or help is not included. (Developers have no time for that, unfortunately!) So you need to make sure DD works well and you can use it without problem before you buy. However you can always post your problems on DD community forum to get help of other users. Just don't expect your problems will always be solved or your feature request will always be implemented...

  • After payment, you will get an email including the username and password (in a few seconds/minutes automatically!, please check the bulk/spam mail folder of your mail box if you can't receive this email) to enter the registered-users section, where you will find the updates and things exclusive to registered users soon. Your serial-key will also be emailed. This serial key might change in future versions, so you can get your serial from registered users area again. After getting the serial number, you need to download the full version from registered users area by using your login ID & password
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If you are unable to pay through any of these payment methods, you can ask for BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER and do a WIRE TRANSFER. Please email us.

If you experience any problem with payment, please send an email . rreloc@yahoo.com


- Multi PIP (19+1, watch a few channels at the same time)
- Multi recording (record more than 1 channel at the same time)
- UHD(4K)/HEVC support - HD/H264 support
- Timeshift
- LAN Streaming
- VLC or MPC Integration
- Auto-zap
- Unique channel list system
(grouping/ordering by several flexible options)
- Favorite channels
- Quick Favorites
- Child lock
- Embedded aspect ratio modes
- Cropping / Zoom
- Sleep timer
- Record timer
- Scheduler
- Render-less mode
- Internal graph building
- Multi monitor support
- Command line support
- Network Scan
- Raw Diseqc commands support
- Plugins support
- Preffered languages
- Uncommitted switches support
- Unicable support
- Positioner support
(including GotoX.X / USALS)
- Snapshot feature
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Remote control support
- Themes
- 29 languages support

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